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Please contact me via one of the options above.  Leaving messages on here does not work well as I don’t always receive them in a timely manner, and I have no way of knowing if you receive my response.

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  1. Nancy, can’t even begin to tell you what a blast “Brick” is…..he enjoyed his ride home, we tied a new fuzzy 6″ paint roller on a 30 foot piece of rope (red neck dog toy) and he will chase it down and actually retrieve it back to you……….too smart!! Will talk in the morning and let you know how his first night at home was…..thanks again so much….You have super quality dogs and we got a great first pup…mike

  2. Goodmorning Nancy……..”The Brick Report”……..this puppy is more cosistant than a dairy…both nights he has gone to bed at 10 and woke up at 2……went out and pottied and went right back to sleep until 6……..not one accident in the house yet…….it’s like when his feet hit the grass he knows what it’s for……the first day he didn’t eat really good….to busy playing and forgot!! Ate really well last night and this morning, we keep food in front of him at all times but monitor his intake……today looks more on track for a puppy his size. He got a new teddy bear and a sqeeze pig from grandma last night and he really loves to ruff up the bear……I have him during the day when Bryce is working…..He goes to the mum field and plays while i run irrigation…..his favorite color is “Yellow”…..I really would like to commit to the “Bes” pup, but things are a little up in the air for me……..I may have to go back to California for 4 months this winter, won’t know for a couple more weeks for sure……If she is still available when I know what is going on I would say she’s a go! Hope all the rest of the litter is doing well……talk soon, mike

    • AAhhh I am so glad he is being such a good boy, I sort of knew he would be. I never had trouble with Grace or Ted going in the house either. Biggest problem I had with Ted was he liked to smell everything when he got outside, that hunting instinct and would forget he came out to the bathroom haha… As for Bess… I have no takers as of yet.. Just let me know when you find out..
      Well it sounds like “Brick” has found some wonderful loving humans to call family, I am so so happy…
      The rest of the litter is doing great.. got them some little rawhides yesterday, hard to find stuff NOT made in China.. but I found some from Canada.. geez…
      Well keep me posted, I will tell you this, if anyone wants Bess I will let you know first before I sell her… just in case..
      Thanks Mike
      keep me posted

  3. hi Nancy, how bout this cool breeze….makes me want to get tomatoes put up!!!! I hear you when it comes to finging things not made in China………I go to great lengths to not buy China manufactured products and produce from Mexico…….It’s hard!!! Which this country could learn to make something……Even if it were just “dog bones” lol….Thankyou so much for keeping me in the “loop” on Bess……I want so bad to just do it……but I have to have her best interest in mind……I think if I do go out to Cali for the winter that my living arrangements would accomodate her………and maybe all the travel would make her even a more well rounded individual than she already is………Just keep pondering it…….and wakeing up in the night over it!!! LOL… soon, mike

    • One morning you will call and say , I want her!!! I am holding her back, she is a beautiful girl…
      I found some bones product of Canada…
      See you Monday…

  4. Hi Nancy, well doubling the pleasure was a wonderful idea…….Remi is so much different than Brick, she want’s to be a little princess…..gotta give you a hundred “wet noogies” right on the lips……EVERY time she see’s you!!!! She doesn’t care to get her feet wet in the morning dew….but is using the sidewalk really efficiently now…..Yesterday we put Brillo on a leash and took the two pups on the hill with her…….they had a wonderful time! They napped for nearly two hours when we got back…….I think i’ll try it again today!!!Brick is now leash trained and i’m going to start with Remi a little today….hope all is well with your gang….talk soon, mike

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.. busy busy hahah
      I am glad that Remi is working out… she really is a nice little girl… Grace doesn’t like water, and hates to go out in the rain, in the mornings when she goes out she walks like sort of on her toes if there is a lot of dew haha.. so I told you she is her mothers daughter haha….. talk soon…

    • I am up in Potter County PA the Northern Tier
      and I am going to try to breed Eva she is coming into heat soon… like any day…
      she is 33lbs Grace is a little smaller at 29 they are just built totally

  5. Do you still have puppies available and if so how much larger do you breed them then other rat terriers? I currently have an almost 8yr rat terrier who is 28lbs.

  6. I love the colors of your ratters! We have 2 ratter tots (4-5lbs) and a toy (~10lbs) and a 16yo Toy Fox Terrier. We are looking for a bigger Ratter and can’t decide between a standard and a Decker, but when we decide (and when the time comes for my 16yo, cough cough), I will probably be in touch. Love your babies!

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