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This is our Sasha.


We are Tom and Nancy Baddick, regular folk from Pennsylvania, who love Decker Terriers.                                                                                                                                                        It  all started for us with a sweet Rat Terrier named Sophie, she was little but mighty.  We had a vacation home and she always ran the mountain with my husband all 12lbs of her.  We decided we needed a bigger breed because sometimes we just couldn’t see her due to her size.  So we did some research, well Tom did, and he started looking at these Decker Terriers ( Giant Rat Terrier)  Great Hunter, Great friend, just about great everything. They will go out and run the mountain and hunt and then come home and want to sit on your lap.  We can often be seen on the sofa surrounded by our best friends…

In October of 2011 we brought home our first two Decker Terriers from Ohio, Ted and Grace.  They were the sweetest, smartest dogs we had ever had.  And they are both very good looking!!  In November of 2012 we again went to Ohio to bring home our new little girl Eva.. she is a charmer..In May 2013 Tom decided he wanted a Piebald Decker so  we flew our  Patty ( she was born on St. Patricks Day) in  from Oregon.

Having retired in January of 2013 and permanently moving to our vacation home in the mountains of Pennsylvania,we started the breeding program.  In July of 2013 we had our first litter of pups, they were precious babies.  Grace had 5 pups we sold 3 , kept Bess for our program and saved LuLu to give to our daughter   In February of 2014, my dear friend Deanna from Briar Bey Decker Terriers had a beautiful little guy that was perfect for our program…. His name is Chet, he is our Sixth Decker.  We have since acquired 9 more beautiful Decker dogs. Sasha, Trevor, Lacey, Sami,  Harper, Mia, Tip, Phelps(Booger) and Suzie Q.

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  1. Hello, my name isSteven.
    I’m looking for a male to live with my alpha female Decker. She is 4 years old and pretty much runs the place. I would adopt an adult that is fixed if possible. We willl not breed these. She just lost her companion so she needs a play mate

    Thank you so much for your time


  2. Hello, my husband is looking for a decker terrier for squirrel hunting, do you have any dogs for sale that are started on squirrel.

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